Fleet Arena Shard Eezergoode| Nenya| THCInjector| MiracleLuck| cyclism| 暗黑騎士| DarthMeow| SCToot.....

Let's void attacking each other an hour before Prizes ;)

If you are in the following ship shard, please join dedicated Discord server:

11kg Enclave
Beartrap25 Rebel Force Jedha
Beetle3211 EchoesOfTheEmpire
CV SOF Conlegium Veritatis
cyclism Party Like It's IG88
Dace Joy Galactic Empite Orion
DarthDema 501st Legion BR
DarthMeow HD Reunion of Jakku
DarthMeowsalot The Covenant of the Force
DarthMysterious FenixGr
Davti Grifkin Feral rancors
deejay Waiting in the bushes
Deell Jade Knights of Jawel
Demonthief Richard Wars
Doncapi Fallen Legends
Eezergoode I ANZGC I
malexric Alliance rebelle Quebec
MiracleLuck PVP ELITE
Mon Beeson JabaDeezHutts
Nenya 台湾大家族 (The Great Taiwan Family)
NoobWithATube Ł1313 Corrupted Force
Ren Gundo VePuGer
Rok Spacecroozer 327 Survivor Corps
Sckfkr Sephjet's Squad
Starkill3r xJediMindTricksx
Super David
Tari The 50 Rogues
ten bears Reality Skewed Gamers Psi
THCInjector FTB Cantina Lords
Tokeriam402 Nerfherder Union
Амиго (Amigo) СССР Зубров
опиум (Opium) RH ShadowHand
暗黑騎士 (Dark Knight) Liberty Republic
诺亚 (Noah)

This guy from All4OneSW

Największy polski Alliance: https://sites.google.com/view/swgoh-pl


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