Suggestion GW pre-85

As a new player (started the last week of November 2017), I have to say GW is the best part of SWGOH. The ability to try out different teams, different tactics, learn about what your opponents teams are capable of, what the UI does, etc. is unmatched. I forfeit battles I’m about to win just to try it again with a different team, or killing a different character first, or just simply using a different skill at a different time to see what works best. The learning aspect of GW is unmatched for newer players. It’s also one of the few ways to really get some decent credits. It also keeps me in the game longer.

I would love to see the ability to refresh GW once per day for people that aren’t lvl 85. Even if it means lessening the rewards on the second round, I would still do it. Make it cost crystals. I’ll spend them.

Disclaimer: I’m lvl 78 now so if they did in fact implement this it probably wouldn’t impact me because I’ll be 85 by the time they do. Just giving a newer player’s perspective to help out new players that come after me.
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