Creating alt accounts

Hi, all. I could use some help figuring out how to start an alt account to play with. I’m so unsavvy with technology that I’m sure I’d need it step by step.

I’m an iPhone user, in case that matters. Thanks in advance.


  • Kyno
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    To start a new account, you will need to make a new game center ID, I do not use an iPhone, so I don't know if you need a new email to do this.

    Also make sure you look at some of the new/alt account guides they will have some good starting tips and may even answer this question.
  • Thank you. I couldn’t find an answer to this elsewhere, but maybe someone with better search skills could.

    Can anyone explain to me how to create a new Game Center ID?
  • You need a new email, but also a new GameCenter ID. You can get one on Apple’s website.
    Then, on your iPhone, simply close SWGOH and go to the GameCenter. Unlog from your default account, log in using your new account, and launch SWGOH again. You’ll then be able to go from one account to another by simply changing the GameCenter account (closing SWGOH when changing is better).
  • Thank you! I’ll try this later.
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