Suggestion to prevent ties once territory wars

Why not end the war when one team wipes the map of the other team? Someone has to come in a winner, the other as loser, so when one team clears the other team’s map, game over. Clear winner/ clear loser. Otherwise, If even one territory is still active, it goes until the timer runs out.


  • Dev comment?
  • This would put guilds at a disadvantage that have players in different timezones

    Example: both guilds were set up in the gmt -8:00 timezone or PST

    Guild A is made up of 50 players in North America

    Guild B is made up of 10 people in North America and 40 in Europe

    In this situation guild B is at a major disadvantage because guild A could clear the board before most of guild B is even awake
  • Phoenixeon
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    edited February 2018
    Even the whole guild are in the same time zone, everyone still have different playing time.

    For example,my guild, some of my guildies wakes up early (or shiftworker who works at night) and participate TW before the work, some others will find their time during the day, and the rests always comes online and fight before go to bed.
  • Kyno
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    For both of the above reasons, basically Time, that is just not a viable change.
  • scuba
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    Still worse idea for tie breaker.
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