Another is this possible thread

Hey folks, been playing since the end of Nov, didn't really have much direction until about the beginning of January (Thrawn event) so I am now working on my Phoenix squad mainly.

I have always wanted a good dark side team since I started. Palp and thrawn are probably the chars I want to unlock the most regardless of what the meta is. So on to the question.

I am confident I should be able to unlock a 5* palp this go around, do I have a shot at unlocking a 6* with the below team. I want to say first off I think its a stretch from what I have read but wanted another opinion.

My squad for this right now is:

Hera 6* G8 Ability levels 5
Zeb 6* G8 Ability levels 5
Erza 6* G8 Ability levels 5
Chopper 6* (in a day or two) G8 Ability levels 5 (in a day or two)
Old ben 6* (because Kanan is only at 4*) G8 (with only 1 piece missing from G9) ability levels 5 with mind tricks at 6

Thanks in advance.


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