Suggestion for GW

This is a suggestion for Galactic War after experiencing the remake of it.

Why not have every 3 nodes with the same faction but with different lineups? That way, we can actually test our toons against the similar faction opposition.

So for example:

Nodes 1 to 3 can be Ewoks but with Chirpa lead at Node 1, Teebo lead at Node 2 and Chirpa lead with a different lineup from Node 1, at Node 3.

So it makes you think through how to stop their synergy and to also give players experience in dealing with such synergy should they encounter it in arena and/or Territory Wars.

Alternatively, you can do it by Systems and grant bonuses to specific factions at Nodes 1-3, 4-6 etc etc.

Instead of fighting a ridiculous combo such as Rey Scav (L), Jedi Consular, Talia, CW Chewie and Princess Leia, we could actually help the player base get familiar with synergies.


  • This would be fine for new players, but what about the 2 year players? This would be more of a walk in the park for the older players.

    Personally, I'd rather see a refresh that takes me to a GW march of old, with harder teams and better rewards. Throw in an auto-all-nodes button, or Sim all nodes to make the first march faster.
  • I miss the old GW too. Those nodes that you had to actually think properly on how to crack those teams. It really made me learn the abilities and the effects of it so that when I encountered it in arena, I was ready.

    Maybe we could have it based on our roster's GP? So if we don't meet meta teams, we will find a player of similar GP and will either face the synergy or the meta teams.

    Another thought is that the last 3 nodes can be against those opponents like what GW used to be.

    For rewards wise, I was thinking that they could offer 2 modes: 1 which is the current GW setup which pays the same rewards and 1 which is harder and pays out better rewards, including gear. The latter mode can be that of the harder nodes.
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