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We at Empire Strikes Front are recruiting one more active player to our guild.

We have a lot to offer players;

- We are a friendly group of people

- We all strive to better ourselves and our rosters and are continuously encouraging members to do the same

- We help each other and give each other advice on various aspects of the game that other members may be struggling on

We don't ask much of players. All we do ask is that;

- You have over 1.5 Million GP

- Are active almost every single day (With exceptions being made for family and work duties that make 100% activity in the game not possible)

- You are able to contribute fully in both the Territory Battles and Territory Wars

Empire Strikes Front is a UK based guild but are willing on taking in international players as long as our Raid and Payout times are suitable.

We run both Heroic Raids every few days, at 9 pm GMT, and we have a 24 period of 0 damage before
allowing members to attack at 9 pm the following evening.

We have found a defensive strategy that works fairly well in TW but are always looking for new ideas or ways to improve this particular sector of the game.

In the Light Side TB we can average around about 34* with all of our rosters constantly becoming more in depth. The average star rating in the Dark Side TB is 37. Hoth Leia and Probe Droid shards are also farmable in both instances.

As of this present moment in time we have 3 slots available for new members and 94+ Million GP.

If you have made it this far and are interested in joining our guild then don't hesitate to message me on the forums and we'll get you in as soon as possible.

Thanks and May the Force be with You.

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