Suggestions for R2 preparation


I’m trying to prepare for R2 event and wondering which toons to invest in..currently I have..EP,Tarkin,TFP,IPD,DT, ShT and ST.

I was thinking..EP>Tarkin>TFP>DT>IPD - great debuff synergy and toons that benefit from debuffed opponents. It has been a while since I ran this event but i recall running a single tank (like ShT) was not ideal as he was sniped often - so (from memory) was better to spread the dps across my entire squad than have it focused on one low dps character..

If i am mistaken regarding the above is it better to run a dual tank (ShT & ST) setup + DT meaning the other two would be..?

I know the current ‘go to’ Empire meta team is Thrawn>DT>Krennic>ShT>ST but I wont have Thrawn 7* before the event and Krennic is going to be a massive investment..

Suggestions appreciated...I’m tempted by EP b/c of the new zetas that seem promising.

Thank you


  • I would play with EP as lead with IPD DT ShT and ST. And i dont think that zetas on EP would be needed
  • crzydroid
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    You don't need to double tank. TFP is gteat for damage and buff immunity. If you have probe droid, Palp's first move should be his health drain thing, then probe droid can blow up R2 right away. Should have no problem after that.
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