Help to get 6* Palpatine

I am level 73 and I have been working on my rebels for over 2 months (when I started playing).
Right now I can get Palp to about half health when he starts laughing and getting health back while zapping my team after every attack..I just need to finish him off to get the 6*--7* is impossible at the moment(obviously)..
Here is my Lineup:
Ackbar 73 g7 6* 1/100 shards
Lando 73 g8 6* 17/100
STH 73 g8 6* 12/100
Leia 73 g7 (almost g8)
Biggs 73 g7 7*
Old Ben 70 g7 6*

all have been modded to the best of my ability at this time--which made a big difference, but still not enough.

my question is should I focus on gear or trying to get lando to 7*? 83 shards is a lot in 6 days. I figure g8 for Leia and maybe a level up to 74 across the board will help. I have been playing old ben instead of biggs because it seems that biggs gets killed rather easily...and his special isn't that great without wedge..

what should I do this week to finish him off at 6*?

thanks for your help


  • Kiritoismyname
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    Neither. Farm mods with cantina energy.
    Only mods and gear matter. No point levelling them or starring them any further.
    Use lando lead, sth, biggs/old ben, leia, ackbar

    Make sth fastest, use ackbar special to give lando double down twice.
    Ps. I remember obi is easy to gear, might as well g8 him.
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