Palpatine Event_ Will this team do?

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Ok so I'm really wanting Palpatine but I'm unsure if I can attain him.... I've completed tier 4 but I'm still farming shards for three characters for tier 5 and unlock him
I have Ackhbar and Biggs at 5 so that's not the problem.... But I have Ezra, Farmboy Luke and Zeb at 4.... Will I be able to complete farming them in time? That's 65 shards each for the three of them... How do I speed up the process?


  • Money is the only way to speed that process up... but your most likely not going to make it in time. Don't worry though he's not that great at 5 stars(at least before the rework) so just don't worry about it and maybe you'll get him at 6 or 7 stars the next time he comes around. Just continue working on your rebels. Work a Phoenix team that's the best way to get Palpatine and thrawn the fastest
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