Unlocking Palpatine without wedge and Biggs?

Like the title says, I'm wondering if I can unlock Palpatine without wedge and Biggs next time around. I have scarcely any good Rebels at this point so I'm not worried about the current event just wondering if you absolutely have to farm up wedge and Biggs to unlock him. There are a lot of other characters in the fleet store and in cantina that I'd rather worry about.


  • What are you running? I’m sure if you ran full PS on it at gear 8 you’ll be fine
  • My rebel roster is sorely lacking but I was able to unlock Palpatine at 5 stars with a gear 8/ability level 6 Phoenix squad. To pass tier 6 however I had to sub in Cassian, Fulcrum and Biggs for Ezra, Kanan and Hera. I went with those 3 because they were my 3 highest level rebels. Cassian was essential in that lineup to throw up some exposes and even so it took me about 20 attempts to finally get the RNG to cooperate. For tier 7 I plan on levelling up a Wiggs squad for the next go round.
  • I did it with phoenix, if you don't have them I suggest farming them asap, they are needed for Thrawn also plus they can auto GW daily.
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    Absolutely you can. I still dont have Wedge above 5* and started in 2016. I cant remember who I used but Akbar and farmboy luke and biggs were the only OG rebels I had until 2 months ago.

    But if you can use phoenix use them. They are awesome at everything that a rebel can do. Mod them with protection secondaries and add chopper and they can beat any event that they can be used in at g8.
  • I did it with a decently powerful Phoenix on auto. It is very easy and I would think 5 of any 7* rebels could finish it.
  • Yeah, i cleared with Rogue One squad.
  • I did it long ago with AA lead, Farmboy Luke, Leia, HRScout, and StHan...you don't need wiggs for sure.
  • Did it back in October with Hera Ezra Zeb Kanan and Farmboy. By no means easy but possible.
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  • Autoed with lvl 76 gear 8 phoenix. First try ofc. Event is easy as pie compared to thrawn.
  • Just as an aside, Biggs is a much-needed pilot for fleet. Wedge is a solid Rebel pilot as well. It's also worth noting that neither has a zeta...yet
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  • Phoenix is one of the best squads out there as far as usability. They can pretty easily beat GW every day making Biggs an incredibly fast and easy farm. PS has 2 of the better ships and they unlock 2 legendary characters without having to farm another group of rebels. Their ships are required for the Chimera if you ever do decide you want that capital ship (it is unequivocally the best in the game). The best part is that they can be easily farmed right away...you’re kinda silly not to start with them. I just started using an empire squad in my shard but before then I was able to stay top 50 for over 2 months and then top 100 for about the last 2 weeks with my phoenix toons.

    ****’s ship is basically a requirement for most competitive fleets. There is one fleet in my shard (only 3 months old) that is using fives instead of Biggs and somehow he’s staying up in top 10 with us. I think he’s only staying up that high because he buys attack refreshes. I can destroy him though and my fleet is 20k less power than his. A strong Biggs is a huge annoyance and can be the difference in any battle both on offense and defending.

    Personally, I’d recommend working on phoenix asap so that you can get thrawn. He’s absolutely essential for a good empire squad plus he fits with any squad and makes them better. Be warned, PS is a huge pain to gear...seriously. I just unlocked palp when the event opened and he’s already g9 almost g10. DV was easy to get to g10 and tfp wasn’t that hard either. PS takes forever and will make you work for gear the same gear over and over again as it repeats for these characters. Kanan and Zeb eventually (maybe always) have identical gear requirements in every slot which makes getting them geared a huge pain. I personally didn’t even get either of them past g8 because they need 2 Mk5 stun guns each just for g9. I’m going to level all of them and omega their uniques so that next time thrawn shows up I can get him maxed. I was only able to get 6* this time as being lvl78 limited my ability to finish the event.

    As far as wiggs goes, I’m farming wedge passively from fleet if there is nothing else for me to buy and I can afford it and he’s getting close to 6*. I’d say work on him eventually as he has a decent ship (there are better options but he is needed eventually for the Chimera as are all rebel ships). He’s a great leader for TB if you have other rebels you can surround him, but Wedge really is squishy unless Biggs is with him. Together they are very annoying and can be quite a pain and useful in younger shards.

    If thrawn isn’t on your “to do” list and you’d rather go with a wiggs squad, it might be worth it, though it is a slower cantina farm and quite costly when there are so many other characters you need out of cantina along with your mod farming. Again, I’d recommend the PS grind right away. Thrawn is one of the best characters in the game and isn’t going away any time soon.
  • I did it long ago with AA lead, Farmboy Luke, Leia, HRScout, and StHan...you don't need wiggs for sure.

    I was moreso wondering if I could do it with a squad like this seeing as I have no pheonix chars. I'd rather farm up characters that are needed for CLS unlock than pheonix characters. Thanks folks.
  • I’d recommend an ackbar lead if you aren’t using Phoenix or wiggs. Though I’d highly recommend farming Phoenix. Beat 7* tier with a lvl 71 Phoenix team, and Thrawn is one of the best characters in the game. Start with farming Ezra, since he’s the only one useful in non-Phoenix rebel teams.
  • dont need wiggs. Use phoenix or ackbar lando teams
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