Palpatine mythic tier 1

Hey guys I have a noob question here. I have finished EP event and got him on 7*, like everyone else who wnated it, with my phoeniox squad G8. And now that mythic is live i've read that tier 1 is same as tier 7 but from my exp tier 1 is much more difficult because if finished tier7 normal easy but tier 1 of mythic i barely kill RGs. Does anyone have any tips for me or are my phoenix simply not good enough. I finished tier 2 with my main team tho


  • try again it's same as the legendary event
  • crzydroid
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    You may have gotten better RNG the first time. Level them up a little if you can, and maybe put some omegas on if you're still struggling after a few tries.
  • Naraic
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    If you pull a stun or a stagger on Palpatine first it cou,d well be the difference between clearing the level and being wiped without killing anyone.
  • They did say tier one would be a harder version of the last legendary tier if i remember correctly, but i don't think its to much harder. Make sure you got plus 30 speed arrows on them if you have them
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