Full hAAT Solo with zVader and Wampa

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Thanks to SirGorgeous for the video and the concept, but oh man this took a while to completely figure out (the video comes with no instructions!). The total run took 40 minutes, and it was a hell lot of fun.
  • You need Zetas on Wampa's Unique, CLS' It Binds All Things, and Vader's leader. I have Thrawn's Unique zeta'd as well but it's not really necessary. Helped a bit in P1.
  • Phase 1: This is what made me want to kill myself, it took a day of tinkering to figure out. You need to count till you have 7 hits on GG and make sure some TM reduction move (ideally CLS' special) hits on the seventh one.
  • Turns out, counting till 7 here can be a little tricky once GG goes. You need to take the remainder of DoTs divided by 7 and add the number of counters when trying to figure out what number of hits GG is at. Wampa counters frequently and adds a DoT, in that case you'll take the current number of DoTs - 1. For example: GG has 24 DoTs after Wampa and BB-8 countered, so he'll be at 23 % 7 + 2 = 4 number of hits.
  • You need buff immunity or Fracture on him at all times, once he gets the triangle buff it's game over.
  • Phase 2: Things got a bit more sane here. You probably want to ensure you get into Phase 2 with Illuminated Destiny off cool down so that you can start right off with a topple. I timed Culling Blade with BB-8's ID for maximum damage, focused Wampa on the tank even off topple to increase the number of DoTs, and used Thrawn to make Vader go faster to get his Culling Blade cooled down.
  • Phase 3 and Phase 4: If you managed Phase 1 and 2, then these should be a cakewalk. I did Phase 3 with 5 turns remaining off enrage and Phase 4 with 9.

I hope this helps a bit, my mods were:
  • Darth Vader at 209 speed, 216% critical damage, offence cross.
  • Wampa at 220 speed, potency set, 216% critical damage, offence cross.
  • CLS at 251 speed, rest of the sets don't really matter.
  • Thrawn at 264 speed, same as above.
  • BB-8 at 290 speed, but you probably don't need him so fast.


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