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    I don't do this for Me. I help others.

    This is funny. If you wanted to help others you would run a guild in a way that makes sense and recruit to fill it.
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    How many players in your guild? I’ve been looking for more active players for my guild. If you’re interested, you’re more than welcome to join. I would have enough room for you to bring people along as well.
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    There ARE mid level guilds that work quite well and grow steadily. Krypton Jedis f.ex. is a 30 GP guild which progressed from doing one weekly heroic Rancor raid 3 months ago to now consistently do 2 heroic Rancor raids a week. They even had 2 gos on heroic AAT just to try it out (but still have quite a bit of work to do there).

    Not all smaller guilds disband, as you claimed.

    However, if a guild stays at low numbers for long time without progressing, then players, who want to progress, will naturally move on. However, if the guild progresses steadily, some of those people would stay on the journey with their guild.
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    I hope My efforts grow Our Guild, but the Feature is busted and need to be looked at.
    Or, it can remain busted and get more Power Creep'd until it shatters.

    To grow the guild, you will need activity among the members. If you get over that lower threshhold, where you start growing, because new members see your guild as an active guild with the possibility of progression and hence some of them stay with you, I'm sure, you will make it. But it requires activity.

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    It is the participation in a group that enables the access, in theory. Players should be able to play with 10 friends and enjoy the experience. Or make 10 friends in game and enjoy the experience.
    Not, only enjoy an experience if You are apart of the largest team. I don't see value in such a thought.

    Of course they can all enjoy their play and friendship in smaller guilds. Go ahead! Enjoy it all you like :—)

    (Don't mix things up. Enjoying the game and friendship and having access to all the same rewards and events as people in larger guilds are 2 different things.

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    Another Solution is simpler.
    Items/ exclusively in the Guild Stores, can be made available in other stores or Locations. The Fleet Store rotates offerings. They could add them there or other stores and price according to Rarity.

    The only item exclusively accessible through guild store are Collonel Starck shards. All other items are available elsewhere. A few months ago they even made a lot of raid gear available through this shop as well — hence making it more accessible for you. They even recently made some of the gear 12 pieces available in shipments as well instead of only in the guild event shop. Now you don't even need to be en a guild to have those. Shipments have a lot of purple raid gear available to you. Yes, it costs crystals, which means you need to save your daily crystal income to buy it.

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    I didn't see that feature either.

    I noticed that somebody joined a Guild that used the Lower Leveled players to Help His Friends get Top Rating.
    That is Parasitic isn't?
    No Bueno.

    You don't really get it, do you? The one player soloing the raid (heroic Rancor, I assume) helped all the lower level players gain heroic raid rewards instead of tier 4, 5 or 6 rewards. But ok, see it how you like. The point is, that all players got better rewards than they would have without him.
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    ProximaB1_ wrote: »
    My feeling on this topic is developers prefer large number of players grouped together to get the results they are looking for. As long as most of a guild wants players to go in a certain direction they can push others to go that same route. I personally wouldn't be in a guild if it basically wasn't necessary. If you want to advance at the same rate as others in your arena you will have to join a 50/50 guild. If your not going to you really don't have much to complain about. The developers made all guild related content based on 50/50 guilds. If I was you I would go to the recruitment/merge section of the forums and merge into another guild. It's for you and your guilds benefit.

    I really love how those in large guilds just defend this behavior and say you have nothing to complain about.

    That is utter garbage!!

    If I put in the time and money and effort, then I should not be punished because I don't have a huge amount of people to lean on!! I shouldn't need others to open a raid 4 to 6 weeks faster. The fact that the larger guilds can demolish the raids faster should be enough. And this isn't about the raids themselves. It's about the content locked behind them. Either make the gear and character shards available elsewhere, or give the smaller guilds a way to open the raids faster.

    You large guilds will still get more gear faster due to you finishing the raids like they were nothing to you, so don't worry about you loosing your advantage!!

    Anyone arguing this post is just fighting this for their own selfish reasons. No matter how they try to twist it up and spit it out. So stop trying to dismantle a perfectly good complaint.
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    I didn't bother to read your entire post because after a few lines I decided it was just waffle. Anyway I think I got the idea. If you're in a small guild, that's your choice so get on with it and stop complaining. Or you could join a full guild where you'll progress with the game much faster.
    My guild of 50 is tight knit, mainly F2P and we all talk actively on discord about the game and life. It's a brilliant, relaxed environment. We are hitting 41* in TBs and have won the last 9 TWs. Your experience with larger guilds must have been truly awful if you're so against them to not want to join another, but you should give it a shot. Hell, you could even take your current guildmates with you and do a merger with a guild that is more than a few members short.

    Yes, we can tell that you didn't read the entire post.
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    Being in a Small Guild sucks under the Current Meta.
    Large Guilds get better access to Raids based solely on Size.
    Smaller Guilds are just left out.

    I get that a guild has to work together daily to access Raids. I'm with that. I believe it to be the right philosophy.

    But, a Player can only earn 600 raid tickets a day. So 4, 6, or 8 members have to wait months for the smallest Raid= 30,000 tickets
    ( 5 x 600= 3,000 Tickets) And most Raids cost 45,000- 90,000 tickets.
    But if a Guild has 30-50 members, it has almost daily access to raids.
    (30 x 600= 18,000 Tickets)

    So, the Smaller Guilds just don't have access in a meaningful way to Raids, or the Rewards that are Locked behind Them.
    Which makes most Small Guilds just disband, in order to progress. So, They can never developed bigger.
    (I'm not sure if from a Tech Server stand point if it is better to have a few Large Guilds vs. Lots of Small/ Medium Guilds)

    Every M.M.O. has this Bias against Small Guilds.
    Star Trek Online, World of Tanks, World of Warships, Sim City Build It, Warcraft, etc.
    Small Guilds, Fleets, Clans, etc are discouraged by the Meta.

    So, Capital Games/ Electronic Arts- Can You break the Bias Mold?
    1 solution is to tie the Raid entry barrier to Guild numbers. Not arbitrary thresholds.
    A 5-10 member Guild has to put 4-7 days of teamwork together.
    11-20 member Guild has to put 2-4 days
    20+ members has to put 1-2 days.

    It just takes making the Raid threshold Variable instead of Static and arbitrary.
    With Guild Size as the Variable for the Threshold.
    Keep the 600/day Ticket earning limit. Just make the Threshold Reachable.

    I bought Gin Erso, but I can never get Her Leveled Up, because Her Shards are behind the Guild Store Barrier.
    And The Raids are how I can earn the Guild Currency to Level Her.
    So, Drat.

    So, many Characters are Blocked and unaccessible for Small Guild players.

    I don't see Territory Wars being viable for Small Guilds. The Bigger Guilds can just overwhelm with Sheer numbers. So, that is a thing.
    But, Territory Wars don't seem to block Us from earning any Guild Currency to level characters.
    ( I seriously don't know, because I have none of the qualifying characters to try the feature)

    So, Capitol Games/ Electronic Arts, can You break the Bias Mold and be the 1 Developer to Show the little guys some Luv?

    I see many of the Allies that are in My *Invite Allies* screen haven't been active for 150-200+ days. Level 50-60-70 players that put all the work in to this game. With No Guild, and Not Active for 150-200+ days???

    Which tells Me that They just Quit and Uninstalled. This can encourage those newer players to stick around and stay invested.
    Given the Level Rank and then Quiting- I assume They couldn't get beyond Lv 8 gear. (Where I am currently) because it is locked behind the Guild Wall.
    And at this high of a Level- those Bigger Guilds only want Members that have Max Gear, Top Level, Max Star characters
    FOR TERRITORY BATTLES. (Which I kinda Get, what Guild wants to lose because it accepted some new members that needs to level up, and sacrifice losing those Uber prizes)

    This is why Small Guilds have a place. Allow the players to grow, and the Guilds will eventually grow as well. Making the other Features of Guilds more competive.

    Star Trek Online is a Great Example of Stagnation. Small Fleets take 1-2 years to build Fleet Holdings. Just to get Elite Weapons, Pets, etc.
    Large Fleets only take a week or two to build Fleet Holdings. Large Fleets don't have any reason to accept new members. They only use it as a resource for Gear.

    I enjoyed the access to Top Level Gear, but it was so impersonal.

    I left My Fleet because it was selfish and nobody even used the chat, unless They wanted to sell crafted gear.
    I starred a Small Fleet and it is a Grind to build all those Holdings with 7 members. But, We are tight knit and actually talk.
    I think that makes a community better. I'd rather have the Fleet that I have now, and lose access to the Top Gear, vs. the impersonal nature of the Big Guys.

    We have Upgraded 2 holdings and are working on Our 3rd.

    Anyway, I have My own Biased against Large Teams, that are just impersonal and selfish. So, Yes I am guilty.
    But, I believe in the Little Guys and how They build players into communities.

    100% agree. The threshold is entirely too high. They could count your guild members and if you have inactive players, it will still hurt the guild if they keep them and you will have to keep working together. As you get more members, your number of tickets will climb that you need to have. This will keep the active member requirements just as high for each individual player. That is the only fair thing to do that I can think of.
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    good usage of the "search" function, 8/10
    Save water, drink champagne!
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    Please consider having the game count the members in a guild and only require that many raid tickets to unlock the raids.

    For example:
    If a 25 member guild earns 600 daily raid tickets from all 25 members, then they should unlock the raids just as fast as a 50 member guild getting 600 a day per member.

    This will not hurt the larger guilds due to how fast and easily they would finish the raids compared to the smaller guilds.

    If you are worried about the smaller guilds having the tickets again before the raid is completed, then don't start counting the tickets for that raid until the raid is completed. This will put the same amount of time between each raid finish and start for everyone.

    This is the fair thing to do for all players. It will still punish those with inactive players and require that all work together to unlock the raid.

    I've spent a lot of time, effort and money on this game. I shouldn't have to lean on 49 other players to unlock the raids at a decent amount of time. If all players in the guild are active, then that is all you should be asking for.

    This is the fair thing to do. More players would feel better about the game and this would stop a lot of the turmoil that is happening with the guilds.

    Please, stop beating on the smaller guilds.
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