Need help with my team


First, sorry for my poor english

I have :

Old Ben gear 9

Farmer luke gear 8

Ackbar gear 8

Ahsoka Tano Fulcrum gear 8

Hot Rebel Scout gear 8

all levels 80 but i don't success at last step of the event ...

anyone could help me please ? :)


  • Liath
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    Are those the only options you have for rebels? They aren't really the best ones.

    How are your mods? Great mods can overcome deficits in other areas.
  • All my mods are level 15 but i can't get it with emperor.
    Once red guards are down, do i attack vader or emperor first ?
  • I beat it with similar terrible squad but that was a long time ago. There isn't a lot of advice to give if those are your only rebels. Just ackbar lead and try to remove turn meter in ep using Luke's basic. Also stun him with hoth rebel scout.
  • Liath
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    SoapMiller wrote: »
    All my mods are level 15

    That's not what I'm asking, and giving that answer makes me suspect that you don't know very much about mods. Great mods are about having the best sets and primaries and the highest possible speed secondaries. It's just assumed that any mods you use are going to be fully upgraded -- that doesn't make them good.
  • Do you have account that might help. If your mods aren't placed well or if you don't have any good ones you'll probably have to wait till next time.
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