More TB

Can we please switch to 12h phases and have 4 TB a month. This 2 a months is bogus. Let us earn some currency!!
By now if your guild hasn't figured out a strategy you're doing something wrong.
Want to make room for tw? Fine. We don't need to replace TB with TW. More TB please.


  • We have plenty to do as it is. Thumbs down.
  • I like the 24hr phases as everyone works diff work and life schedules. But I would definitely like more tb. Less tw an more tb. Wars are a big waste of time. An i dont say tht cuz my guild dont win,we actually have won last 3 wars but rewards are a joke imo for amount of time an wrk needed. Tb are more fun an much better rewards for tht wrk.
  • Naraic
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    I don't want 12 hour phases.

    I however would not mind if tbs rand Monday to Saturday every week with a tw Monday to Wednesday and Thursday to Saturday.

  • Kyno
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    I understand where you are coming from on more currency and events, although i do like a little down time.

    The reason for the 24 hour phases has to due with people having things to do in the real world and international guilds that would suffer from having people who may not be able to do everything in 12 hours.

    The 24 hour phase was a good choice and all the reasons (more than just what was stated here) still exist and make it impossible for them to do it.
  • Ztyle
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    It's not about guilds having a sound strategy, but about when people can get on and do their part, especially in a Global guild, you can't demand people are forced to loose sleep, or their morning bath before getting to work, most work places can fire you on the spot, for using your phone in work hours.
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  • Okay, so you earn 40* in 24h as everyone has ample time to contribute.
    12h not as many can contribute. Still probably manage 35 with little effort.
    That's way more rewards in the same time frame. How is this not a win?
    4 weeks of TB is way more effort than 2 weeks. People need to move on, coordinate, and adapt. Less play time, more rewards. That's a win.
  • Move to feedback section where it gets less visibility. Another win for mods....
  • Ztyle
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    the 12H is equivalent for many global guilds to only 25 members play TB, so even for a 43* guild, the 35* would be out of reach
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  • We have players across the world. Could easily get 41* in 12h. We're ready for the next step. If it's a fail, the data will show it and they can go back. How do we know it will suck if we don't try?
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