New QoL update is close but there is 1 important thing that needs to be discus yet - cantina energy.

I know that this game was made to make money (Tons of money precisely), but there should be at least some sort of balance to make SWgoh attractive enough for all kind of players, including f2p. But no matter what kind of player you are, we all have 1 thing in common - not enough cantina energy. Even if u have the crystals to do 3 refills per day, its still not enough - because of the number of characters u need for multiple events/challenges/missions etc. And dont forget the "neverending" mods farming. We rly could use some help here, any help actually. Pls share your ideas, but i would say there are basically 4 options:

increase the refresh rate of cantina energy from 5/h to 10/h (same as normal energy).
add 1 (or 2) +45 cantina energy refills (same time as normal energy).
decrease the price of crystals refills from 100 to 50 (same as normal energy).
add new currency/energy intended for mods farming only.

Of course its rly unlikely that devs would gladly pick 1 option and add it to the game with next QoL update, but IMO the insufficient CE is a serious problem now that bothers all players, not just f2p and requires our attention.


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