Ewok Squad member issues

Let me preface this by saying that I very much like this game, despite its diamond in the rough state. I will state that I am disenchanted by the Pay2winners that currently have control over pretty much most of the PvP elements, but I will say that a redeeming quality is that despite my shallow (and holed) pockets, I am still able to maintain a presence in the PvP sections with a rather unorthodox squad leader. His name is Timmy. Er, Teebo.

That said, with Timmy helming my squad I've noticed some discrepancies in the way my squad operates and hope that these problems be solved or at the very least, that I am given an explanation for them to put my mind at ease.

Teebo's Bring Low: The big item on my list. It is for this and his leader ability that he has earned a rather permanent spot on my team. This ability states that he deals unavoidable damage to an enemy and removed all, ALL positive status effects from that character and then removes turn % by 30 for each effect removed. I've experienced that in multiple situations, this effect does not work as I think it was intended. Firstly, there are instances where the attack damage goes through but the positive ability does not go away, further admonished by the "protected" or various, indicating that it was somehow blocked. Exactly how does one do that when it is unavoidable? Perhaps a glitch in how Tenacity interacts with it. Secondly, in some instances where a character such as Chewbacca (clone wars) earns a buff to defense, Teebo's ability has no effect on it. That said, other effects ARE removed, so its not another case of the above issue. Are there some effects that are supposed to get around this type of effect or is this another coding oversight?

Teebo's Guerilla Warfare: The second ability that makes Timmy shine. He gives my squad members 60% chance of Stealth at the beginning of turn and 30% turn Marker at end of turn. From my limited understanding on this (perhaps a section under help listing effects of effect?) Stealth provides a target shield from attacks. That is, the stealthed character can't be targeted as long as another squadmate isn't stealthed. I've had some instances of the enemy AI being able to target a freshly stealthed character, while at least one other of my squad members are unstealthed. Is this an oversight? I mainly experience this (to my fuzzy recollection) with Poggle the Lesser.

Teebo's Ewok Scramble Tactics: This ability states that all Ewok team members get 70% turn meter and he stealths for 3 turns. I just began to notice this as I take more manual control over my battles but sometimes after I activate this ability he becomes unstealthed after just one turn. It could be that this ability interferes with Guerilla Warfare. There are also other instances where he has multiple turns of Stealth where I have not used the ability. Or rather that I have used the ability two turns previous. Not that I'm complaining, but is this likely because of back to back Guerilla Warfare triggers or is it a delayed response to the Scramble Tactics?

Ewok Elder's Tribal Healer: As with the ability removing ability of Timmy's Bring Low, this healing ability often leaves some negative effects on my characters. I think Tenacity might be to blame for this.

Royal Guard: This one is just a random occurance I had earlier. I was in the Galactic Warfare section and in a battle with the Royal Guard. I had been strategically retreating when I noticed that the Royal Guard was listed at no health. Figuring it was a sliver of a sliver left, I selected him for battle. He proceeded to function like a killed character. This is the only instance I have experienced this but thought I'd list it for posterity.

AI healing:Lastly, AI healing. I know its hinted that AI combat is shoddy at best, and that's why manual combat is recommended, knowing that the AI controls my ranking in the PvP squad section, its a little disconcerting to know that someone with a heal block character (such as Darth Sidious) can cause my healing characters to waste precious attack steps trying to heal a character with low health that has been heal blocked. Also, with the one night sister chick (I believe her name is Dalia) she has a tendency to use her waters of life ability in an attempt to heal herself. While comical in nature, I don't believe that this is how the character should autopilot, even if it is a PC advantage.

That said, these are my qualms. I hope not to see any more issues, but I will be ever vigilant and look forward to the above issues being resolved. Thanks for your time.


  • I apologize for the novel, but please take the time to read. Also, I feel like this article got pushed to the back burner by so many other discussions and definitely want my opinions heard, so... Bump.
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    The issue you have had I've also experienced with talia. I retreated with her at 1 health from poison then added her back at end of battle to heal her but she was dead.
  • Some points here mentioned elsewhere, but the stuff on Teebo is gold.

    @EA_Jesse please add these to the known issues list.
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  • I've seen that with Ventress and Windu too, it'll remove the taunt from chewie but not the green shield defense up.
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  • I've seen that with Ventress and Windu too, it'll remove the taunt from chewie but not the green shield defense up.
    This os the most common demonstration of the debuff removal bug I experience. There are plenty of others though.

    For example, there may be only 1 buff on the opponent's squad, and when I use strike fear I know it has triggered because the party will heal, but the buff still remains.
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