LF Fleet Mates Roughly Occtober 17 - Nohope, Niebling, Peacefulness, Anonymous, Stardevil, Xabbu

In game name is Bimble, recently making the top ten and would like to make sure I'm not sniping anyone accidentally.

Current top players are:

Nohope - Les Alchimistes

Niebling - Epics

Peacefulness - Some Russian looking language

Anonymous - Pluton

Stardevil - Zagreb Rebels

Nurf Herder - The 80's are Back

Xabbu - Dark Side of Switzerland

Bimble (Me) - Darksaber Rancor Raiders

(Signle asian language character) - (Multiple asian language characters)

Cloud - Millennium Fukkatsu

Mad Warrior - (Asian character)(asian character)PLAYGROUP

Yliwo Toca - Calamitous Intent

Rainhawk - Galaxy Raid Machine

Wakizashi - Fight Club Reloaded

Benjidubz - Chilled AF Koalas


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