Content Update 2/13/2018 [HF]

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Hiya Holotable Heroes
We recently pushed a Hotfix! For details on what's being addressed for 2/13, please see below:

Shadow of Malachor Arriving Early
The power of the dark side simply cannot wait. The Sith Marauder Marquee event, "Shadow of Malachor", is being pushed up ahead of schedule.
  • "Shadow of Malachor" will launch at midnight tonight ( 2/13 UTC time).
  • The associated bundle and pack will also be released alongside the event.
  • The Sith Marauder can potentially be in Dark Side Territory Battle platoons phases 4-6

  • Sith Marauder's Special Ability "Victory Through Power" now has a cooldown of 3 instead of 4
Thank you for your patience 8D Forum Guidelines
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