I have a few questions, hoping u guys can help me out

So i decided to switch farming to kylo unmasked before i was done farming kylo, who is sitting at 33/100. By the time i'm done farming kylo unmasked i'll have my 5 FO at 7*... Kylo unmasked, phasma, FO officer, FO trooper and FO tie pilot.

My questions is, do u think this event can be done with that lineup, as in, no kylo ren? It would be at gear level 8, with probably FO tie pilot at gear 9.

The only reason i would not continue farming kylo after im done with kylo unmasked is that im aiming for jedi rey as well, meaning, if u guys think it's possible, after im done with unmasked i would immediately go to farming the vets, who i have at 5* each atm. Im just scared that taking the time to finish off kylo might mean the difference between getting jedi rey or not. Thanks guys


  • I would say no, his stun was vital to me when I finished it. Although kru can stun so maybe. Sorry that probably wasn't helpful. I'd say finish kylo then go for kru, any semi-respectable FO squad is going to need kylo
  • Im doing kru right now because i want to take advantage of the good drop rate.
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