Imperial Assault vs Stealth and Convergence; WAI?

I had a match today where the following happened:
1.) I used Scimitar to stealth everyone but JC (Biggs was already dead)
2.) I used Windu's Convergence ability to give everyone damage immunity
3.) I attacked with Advanced Tie Fighter (no more damage immunity for him)
4.) AI attacked me with Imperial Assault (Advanced Tie Fighter destroyed)

I was surprised that Advanced Tie Fighter was destroyed as it was stealthed when the AI attacked so the Imperial Assault should have only been able to target JC (who wasn't stealthed and had damage immunity). Advanced Tie was my only ship destroyed in the attack so Convergence did it's job but I'm surprised Advanced Tie was even able to be targeted.

The way I understand is Imperial Assault isn't an AOE attack but 12 "random" attacks so shouldn't stealthed units be shielded from those attacks until the non-stealthed units are destroyed? Is this WAI?


  • Kyno
    20104 posts Moderator
    No stealth doesn't shield you. 12 random attacks, means random and has nothing to do with targeting. It is a little different but it is an AOE, that doesn't hit each target equally.
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