Galactic War getting more difficult again?

since last week GW has been getting a lot harder for me.
i haven´t been able to finish it 3 times the last 7 days or so.
i used to be able to auto battle up to the last 4 nodes roundabout. then last week i couldn´t even finish the 6!
burned my PS squad and everyone else! on Thrawn 82 g11 - Starck 80 - Veers 82 g11 - Chaze lvl 80/79 g9/10.

Myself being a Lvl 77 gear 9 on one toon with one maxed ability the rest is up to g8 with two more toons having 1 maxed ability.

and just now i met Palpatine lvl 84 3/5 maxed abilities g8 , Vader g10 with 3/5 maxed abilities, Maul lvl 84 -3/4 maxed - g9 -, Dooku 84 g10 - his first two abilites maxed and speed 186, and Boba Fett - whos spec´s i cant recall because i killed him...


  • You are almost there, but not there yet. GW is built up to someone who just hits 85. Your squads are in the area where (for you) it will take a lot more strategy to finish it daily.

    Have no fear. It does get better. I auto GW daily now. You will too one day.
  • Kyno
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    WIth the cap at lvl 85, I would imagine it will always get more difficult as you approach this. as stated above. just hang in there. it gets easier.
  • Agreed! Yet still possible! When I was back at that level, you have to do each battle manually. Those crucial ability moves on Offense, the sequence of events in each battle matter, and each turn are priceless! Use them wisely, and you will win!
  • Just wait for new version update. Won't bother u again.. just sim it :wink:
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