Simming Galactic War

Definitely, it is a good idea for all players to sim for time consumption. What I have is a better idea related to it is - earn 600 Raid tickets today and tomorrow you can Sim Galactic War Nodes. This proposal can give many benefits for all SUGOH family like - Raid tickets will definitely increase (giving more raids for both Ranchor and Tank) + players of all levels will get much active; their stats will be improved.
As a well wisher of all SWGOH Family and a keen observer from down here what I feel is - SWGOH should be a home that stands on 5 pillars of character groups equally self-sufficient and capable to stand among. So that players with any types of toons farmed would not be disappointed on the journey ahead. It is definitely a vast game with high improvements and is further improving.
I thank all SWGOH Family for this.
Regarding Credit Heist, Training Droids and Ability Materials: it is never enough for struggling players. Though the events are recurring 3 times a month. It would be definitely much better for all players that they occur weekly on a fixed day like Tuesday for Credit Heist and Thursday for Training Droids. No fixed date is some sort of confusion among players. For a Good game it should not be so.
Always well-wishes,
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