Any thoughts on Plo Koon

I want to know if he is good for FTP player. I wish that someone who has him to share some info. That would be nice.


  • Bad bad bad bad.....and His armor skill is not working yet....not recommended for now..
  • I have him at lvl 52, he is a mediocre tank, didnt hit hard and his debuff get resisted very often.
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  • He is not good early for a f2per because he is difficult to promote. He may be a good second draft pick from Cantina farming once you get your first 7★ squad and can actually reach his mission, but I don't know.

    He's just the kind of Hero I would go for because he's not a commonly used one being so slow to promote.
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  • Ty guys for the replays. I like him and i think he might have place in some squads after some of the updates.
  • His turn meter gain for clones is great, but there are only two clones in the game right now. Plo Koon will be more viable once more clones are added to the game in my eyes.
  • He's unfarmable so he's not on my list and from my view, doesn't have any quality that would make him stand out but I always feel the hardest to acquire characters may have the potential to be the best one's due to scarcity on the F2P side, making him a paying customer's choice....
  • I am currently farming him from the last cantina node. Im not farming him bacause he special or anything (although his debuff is awesome). Im farming his node because it is the best bang for the buck. Well his node is anyway. By fsrming that node i get the most canteena points for canteena shards. It just so happens thst in doing this, i have him at 4* (and lvl 1). I figure as i continue this way, ill have him at 7* eventually, and then i may even level him up.
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