Zeta for tanks



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    leef wrote: »
    zeta-ing taunting tanks is unnecessary imo. Maybe unmasked, not sure yet, but i wouldn't zeta any of the other taunting tanks for sure.

    You don’t think Kanan’s zeta is worthwhile considering Phoenix is required for LSTB, and the amount of gear it’ll save you compared to the team needed to reliably complete 6/6 day 6 without a zeta?

    it's just one mission, i can live with 5/6 if RNG isn't on my side and i'm not planning on using phoenix in any of the other missions. (most of them are g8)
    Maybe for other players it's worth it just for LS TB.

    Fair enough, I use Phoenix to reliably full clear a mission every day, and they are solid in TW(especially attacking); so I think it was well worth the zeta. I can certainly understand others not feeling the same if they don’t use them consistently in TB/TW and/or haven’t earned many zetas yet.
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