Q&A - 2/24/2016

Greetings everyone,

Apologies for not posting something sooner, but the team has been extremely busy squashing game bugs and working on new content for the next major update.

Here are the questions I did get answers for though. Also, we will be putting together some more detailed posts about game mechanics that were asked about before.

Do abilities that give bonuses to living allies, count for the toon itself?
  • Yes. Abilities that exclude the user will use the phrasing “other allies”.

Seeing that at high levels the game is extremely fast and high damage, are there are plans to rebalance the way stats work?
  • We’re always keeping an eye on the game balance, and battle pacing in particular. It’s a tricky thing to adjust without having a lot of unintended consequences, so we always want to make sure we have a lot of data before making any broad changes.

Is anything being done to make statistics such as potency and armor more transparent?
  • We’re looking at a lot of options for clarifying the mechanics behind the various stats, since we don’t do a good job of explaining them in-game. Can’t confirm anything just yet, but expect a forum post detailing a few of the commonly asked ones, at least.
Are stunned characters supposed to dodge?
  • It’s silly and it’s something we’re working on fixing.

Are stunned characters supposed to be called upon for an ally assist?
  • It’s also silly and it’s also something we’re working on fixing.

When barriss misses her basic attack, should my group still be healed?
  • Our current standard is: if an attack is Evaded, and that attack had positive effects for self/allies, they still go off; if it had negative effects for the target/other enemies, they don’t. Effects that depend on damage dealt (e.g. Consular’s Attack as Defense) also don’t work, obviously—you have to actually do damage to be able to heal for a percentage of damage dealt.

What steps are being taken to reduce the overall focus on the high amounts of damage being dealt in PvP? Are you comfortable with the state of the game re: PvP and games at top tier play ending in 30 seconds, due to players manipulating Turn Meters to ensure several of their characters take simultaneous turns and deal enough damage to one shot kill other characters? Are there plans to "slow the game down" in the near future?
  • Making big adjustments to the metagame as a whole is a complicated process, and requires a lot of analysis to back it up. We’re evaluating the current PvP meta and considering a course of action.

Will you consider doing revisions on existing characters that see little to no play, or are we basically set in stone with what we have and can only look to the future for new skills being introduced to the meta? As it is, only a small handful of characters are chosen as leaders in PvP, as their leader skills seem vastly superior to other options and we're left feeling pigeon holed in to choosing Sidious, Phasma or QGJ.
  • We absolutely will assess any character that is consistently underused to see if they can be adjusted or reworked to bring them in line with the competition. Funny enough, we actually started this with the February update! This will be an ongoing process.
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