Please add a 3rd audio slider for ambience.

I hope I’m not the only one that finds the chatter in the background of the cantina quite repetitive just like the music itself. If you could add a 3rd slider to turn off that chatter, that would be amazing.

Side note, as a guy who plays multiple accounts for my stream, please remove sim tickets. Thanks! ;)


  • I agree cronus, in my head I'm often saying, " where is the turn off button for this noise?" and I end up muting the sound. All I can do is smh.
  • Thanks for your input!
  • why remove sim tixs. They re the lifeblood of this game in so many ways.
  • Cronus
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    edited February 2018
    Okay I do want to say that the sim ticket thing, is obviously not going to happen.(please do it cg) But! I disagree that they’re the lifeblood of the game. I’m suggesting that Instead of having to use sim tickets to sim, we just get to sim our energy regardless of sim tickets. At a higher level sim tickets cease to matter, and at a lower level they’re nothing more than a nuisance. Sorry if I failed to convey that in my original post!
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