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Here is my collection I have all of the Phoenix Squad at varying low-mid star levels was able to get partial shards toward unlocking Thrawn during the last legendary event.

I unlocked all the main rebel default characters besides Old Ben and was able to unlock partial shards towards unlocking Emporer Palpatine.

What Characters should I farm? What upcoming Legendary event should I be working towards Seven Starring my characters?


  • Farming Finn, Rey, First Order to get B.B.-8 and Nightsisters will make a fine addition to your collection.
  • The 2 most useful characters in this game are R2-D2 and CLS, hands down.
    Since you need R2 to obtain CLS, this becomes a chain.
    R2 needs empire. You can fully obtain both palpatine and Thrawn by finishing up your Phoenix squad. This will get you 2 of the most important characters to have for getting R2. Vader and TFP are straight gimmes in that comp as well, then farm any random empire to finish your R2 squad. After that you can farm the characters needed for CLS, and you will have obtained 4 of the best legendary characters by farming only 12 other characters up to 7*.

    In other words I highly recommend focusing on 7*ing these 11 characters first:
    Random Empire
    Princess Leia
    Stormtrooper Han
    Old Ben
    Farmboy Luke

    Since they are from a variety of places, a lot of these farms can overlap or prohibit each other. Once I got those maxed, I would worry about the other legendary events and farm a first order team (I recommend KRU very much), along with Finn, Scavenger Rey, Vet smug Han and Vet smug Chewie. at this point the only legendary left would be Grand Master Yoda. I'd farm QuiGonJin, and Luminara to accompany Kanaan, Ezra, and Old Ben in obtaining Yoda.

    That's altogether another 11 characters that you'd need farm up for the rest of the legendary events.

    It's definitely the most bang for your buck legendary route IMO.
  • Keep farming phoenix, they serve multiple purposes. Luminara is really useful for Galactic War as well.
  • Thanks guys. I really appreciate the advice guys. It's really been helpful in keeping me focused as I was attacking things very haphazardly the first couple of months.
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