Gamechangers getting merged accounts?



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    Kyno wrote: »
    Kyno , I'm sure you mean well and no doubt you provide a valuable service as a volunteer mod (I'm assuming you're not compensated, please correct me if I'm wrong), but when you chime in on seemingly every thread to defend against any and all critiques (both legit and tin foil hat stuff) of the game developer, your defenses lose a little more credibiity with each comment.

    Keep up the overall good work but remember, sometimes it's better to let some things die a quiet death than fanning the flames of conspiracy with constant dev side defenses.

    I say nothing i wouldnt say if i wasnt a mod. I just try to say it a little nicer.

    Yes, we are volunteers.

    You amazingly gave the two reasons I turned down the opportunity to be a mod:
    1) Towing the company line is never something I could do.

    2) Babysitting some of the wonderful people who post here for no compensation isn't worth the time....or my sanity.

    You are appreciated many of us couldn't do what you do.

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  • Ender22 wrote: »
    “Seemed” and “tin foil hat” yet you pass on this information like it’s truth. Shame on you @SnakesOnAPlane

    Shame on me? Did you not see the next group of photos where he admitted it? @Ender22

    I see your second image in this post, I don’t see any admittance in it. Was it the “sounds like they put the game changers stuff in the wrong account” quote?
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