Active Guild with almost 100 Million GP looking for 3 players

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Hello There,

I am an officer of the guild Empire Strikes Front. We currently have 96 Million GP and have 3 slots available for new members

We are a UK based guild, GMT +00:00, who welcome anyone from any part of the world as long as our raid times work out. Speaking of raids, we are able to complete both Heroic Raids with ease. Raids begin at 9 pm GMT every few days with a period of 0 damage for 24 hours on each raid. After that period is up an Officer will alert the guild when the Raid is open and 1 team may be used on the Rancor and you can use as many teams as you wish on the Tank.

In regards to Territory Battles, we preform well in both of them (Light Side & Dark Side) and we are able to receive 35* on both. With our guild constantly improving their rosters this number will be able to go up a lot higher in the very near future.

As we are not a high-end guild we do struggle a bit in Territory Wars. We have a good defensive strategy that holds very well but we are lacking the motivation for offence. We still get it done, however, and have had very close results almost every time.

All we ask of our members is to try and be active when they can. We understand that each individual has lives outwith the game but if you know that you won't be active for a few days, just let us know so that we don't accidentally kick you from the guild.

We would like for new members that want to join the guild to have roughly 1.5 Million GP but exceptions can be made in certain circumstances. Our guild also uses KIK messenger for coordinating certain things and we would encourage players to get it but it is not a necessity.

That basically everything but if you would like more information then feel free to message me here, on the forums.

Thanks and may the force be with you.

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