Idea for Ally Points.... Guild Arena.

So a guildmate of mine had what I consider a very fine idea about what to do with all those tens of hundreds of thousands of Ally Points just sitting around: Guild Arena.

Allow us the ability to finally conduct intra-guild combat. Guildmates could set three defensive rosters, and for say 100 Ally Points, you could challenge any team, any number of times, throughout the day. No rewards necessary.

This would facilitate another request, as well... it would allow guilds to test out TW defensive teams and offensive teams. The Guild Arena could log who was attacked by whom with which teams they used, and could be available for all to see on a daily basis.

It would also give players something to do when there are no TW, TB, events, or raids happening... which do align from time to time (like today for myself, I'M BORED TO TEARS WITH SWGOH TODAY!)

It wouldn't be overly-difficult to code, and helps support guild bonding and guild maintenance.

What's everybody think!?


  • Mzee
    1777 posts Member
    Personally, if I am going to spend my ally points on something I will expect to get something in return so I likely wouldn't use this much if at all.
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