I didn't see a Mod Section so I had to put this here.

I don't know if others are having the same difficulties I am having understanding Mods. Maybe I'm just a simple **** even though I am good with numbers.

The main issue I am having is that I don't know which Mods started out as Light Blue, Green, Blue, Purple, or Gold once leveled up.

I understand that the higher the color level, the better the Secondary Stats will ultimately become. Therefore; the better the color level, the stronger the Mod. The same as the Dot system.

The best way I can explain it is that it appears that your Mod System is similar to your Character System. The Dots on a Mod = Rarity like Stars on a Character = Rarity. Whereas the Color of a Mod is equilivant to the Gear Level on a Character.

If I'm wrong; please explain where I am please.

If I'm right; then is there some way you can make it easier to identify which Mods started out at which colors at higher levels please.

With so many Characters; with so many Mods; I'm finding a complete waste in Credits. I can't remember what color a Mod started out as prior to leveling up.

If I'm completely wrong; then please disregard.


  • It really makes zero difference what the starting color of the mod was, what matters is the final stats which are available at level 12, so if your levelling mods, hit 12, if you like what they are hit 15, if not either use on benchwarmers, or sell it,

    After the fact color starting points don't accomplish anything useful at all.
  • Ok, thank you. That clears up everything I asked about. Plus it was short & Concise.
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