So, I grew up with Star Wars toys since they started coming out. Because of that, I've always kinda viewed the characters I accumulate in this game as digital action figures. Similarly, the ships are like the spaceship toys (except we can't change pilots/crew, grr). Hopefully at some point they'll give us vehicles. But what I'd like to bounce off the wall right now is the idea of Playsets. Remember Yoda's tree? The Hoth trench, and Probot/Laser Tower? The Ewok village?

I think it would be neat if we had a means to acquire different "playsets" for our account. Like characters, they'd start out pretty basic, but be able to be leveled up and modded out to provide bonuses to characters fighting on them. They'd be used for most PvP type battles. Visually, you'd always see the defender's "playset" if they had one assigned, instead of the otherwise random background, but both offense and defense would get their bonuses (to keep things potentially even). You could direct the types of bonus either to accent what your PvP team is already best at, or maybe shore up defenses where they have problems.

Yeah, it's another form of power creep, but creep is gonna creep anyway. It would be another vector from which to build and plan, and let us choose a visual environment we might like to associate with our account or team (for instance, maybe you're running a team of mostly Hoth related characters in a TW defense slot, and want to make sure they give their attacker an appropriately chilly reception).

Just something to think about, as another way to broaden gameplay options.
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