can this work for 7*?

Hey guys,

I read a lot about Magmatrooper... it seems that the majority is against him because he got nerved.
But for me it was the easiest way to farm 5x7* chars.

Now I need input from you guys:

Will this work? (Lvl 85, going für 7*).

I will not switch chars because R2 will come soon I think - the question is targeting the strengh of the toons - do I have to improve imperial guard and magmatrooper or do you think it is enough? Right now neither Vader nor Palp has zetas, I also could change that... but it is so expensive, Id prefer to improve the other 2 (if needed).

Thank you in advance!


  • Actually I'll use the exact same team you're using but my Palp is gonna be G9 at best. I've heard it should be enough to have all toons at G8 so you should be fine! That was said before the EP and Vader rework, which will make the event a lot easier IMO. I wouldn't use a zeta for this event unless you plan to use Empire or Sith in arena.
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