Love the new splash screen? Could the devs offer?

Very excited up about the redesign of the splash screen - LOVE IT - as a person that saw the org trilogy in the theaters way back when, it reminds me of that.

Was wondering if the devs or someone at the company in art department could release a version of the splash screen for phones? For a lock screen? Particularly the S8+ :)

In all seriousness, would love for that to be available - i try to resize and it just looks funky.



  • Kyno
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    I dont think you will get this from the devs but there is abig community out there and im sure some people with good talent in this department
  • True but they have the original artwork - would need it be rearranged and not just a "different version" I am sure they came up with mocks during the process...

  • msb14
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    edited February 2018
    Try asking @Naastika about it. I remember her being involved in the artwork for the gear pieces, so not sure if she could help you out with the splash screen stuff as well.

    Edit: not sure if that’s her actual tag. Last time it had a “CG” in it, but couldn’t find it this time.
  • Hopefully you just did ;)
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