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  • What do you guys think of a Thrawn lead team with Thrawn/Tarkin/DN/ST/DT? That seems to me like it might be a possible counter to Traya. Unlike in the case EP lead, there isn't as much tm from debuffs to fuel the opposing team. Moreover, by switching tm with DT to lead off the match, you can push cds up, then reset again with DN. Tarkin follows by draining even more tm. For every debuff inflicted on your team, you gain tm, and maneuver adds even more tm.

    The difference in CDs and tm might be enough to give this Thrawn lead team the edge.

    Of course, thrawn attacking out of turn in fracture will get ugly fast. Plus traya will gain lots of offense. But she only has a basic to toss at ST, who can then maneuever off the debuffs and isn't going to get crit on anyway.

    It's all theory crafting until I try it out, but I can't think of a better counter atm.
  • Another possibility is almost the same comp, but with Stormtrooper instead of Tarkin. So Thrawn/Stormtrooper/DN/Shore/DT. Stormtrooper's taunt removes tm from the opposing team. Sure his defense up kills your team's offense, but imo that doesn't matter, because this team doesn't win by virtue of high damage. It wins from deathmark and annihilate. Storm would suck tm and give you the lasting power to plough into an annihilate, followed up with several deathmark.
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    And I think its likely her lead will keep her Sith tanks up better than palp's lead, as healing outside their own turns will really make a difference.

    EP vs Traya? I think Traya vs Traya is going to be what you need to start theory crafting around lol.

    EP lead will still be the standard before Traya lead even gets moving DN will be set to blow somebody up under EP. Traya as a support will help get DN rolling. You will be playing down a toon from the start.

    The team you're thinking of beating Traya lead with is EP(L) , Nihilus,Sion,Traya,Vader right? Thats only one tank protecting your Nihilus. Could be problematic, especially since you're turbocharging the enemy's Traya.

    EP isn't very useful himself in this matchup, so IMO his team starts sort of down one. Traya lead gets to have a more useful fifth... wonder who that should be.

    I would actually be interested in this. The EP teams would get a ton of turns because Traya would dispel all those debuffs. Is that enough to make up for being outmatched everywhere else? Maybe...
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