82M+ GP Guild looking for ONE last and strong player! (49/50)

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Hi there,

we are the Guild "Cloud City Insurgency" and looking for one more player to fill the last spot.

About us:

  • 82M GP and growing further each day
  • 49/50 Members
  • 5-6 raids per week -> HPIT, HAAT, Sith T4 - T5 with 0 dmg/24 hours
  • 8:30 pm CET (UTC+1) Raid Time
  • 6:30pm CET (UTC+1) Guild Refresh
  • 30* TB LS / 28* TB DS
  • We do TW and have won more than lost

Requirements you should meet:
  • 1.3+ million GP (ideally even more because we need a strong player to support our guild)
  • Lvl 85 is obvious
  • Discord is mandatory!
  • Able to contribute regularly to raids, TB, TW.
  • Able to contribute 600 tickets daily
  • Able to communicate, follow rules and participate
  • You enjoy the game

Bonus Requirements (more chance to get the last spot):
  • As mentioned above you have ideally more than 1.3 million GP
  • Decent arena and/or fleet rank (for e.g. Top 100 Arena, Top 20 Fleet)
  • Strong squad (toons with synergies and a purpose)
  • Ideally you have some of the characters we miss!! We think of a high starred Holdo/Rose/Wampa/Imperial Probe Droid or Hermit Yoda etc. = Toons we need in TB platoons

We are people from all around Europe and we all speak english in chat. For e.g. we have Austrian, British, Norwegian and German players (i am one of them) here. Our guild originally came from norway but now we have started recruiting more international players to have a better growth potential.

So we welcome people from all around the world and wish to make the experience of playing the game as positive as possible for everyone.

The guild is democratic, and officers and leaders can be voted in and out of office. We love what we achieve, but we also respect Real Life. Just let us know, if you can not spend some days Ingame or when you are on vacation.

If this sounds to your liking and you love a homorous guild, please come and visit us at our Discord server:


You can also contact me directly per DM here or on Discord Terpentin300#2447

We hope to hearing from you soon.

With kind regards,
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