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  • Naraic
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    I think a better idea would be to offer shards to a non exclusive character that's useful in the raid with the right team at lower tiers. For example deathtrooper.
  • Riegorn
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    Another prime example of pointless rage. Im in guild that is bit over 100M, it will take us 2 days to do tier 5, we have 1 whale in our guild that didnt even played it yet, most of us are F2P. Difficulty of the raid is balanced for 50 players, so i dont understand why you say it will take you 3 weeks, are you alone in your guild? If you struggle too hard, try lower tiers. Its supposed to be hardest PvE content in the game, designed to be bit of the challenge for even most powerful guilds, dont expect to auto solo this raid.
  • KyloRey
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    The raid is tuned for end game players/guilds. If it were not, the top guilds would be done with the raid after 1 day.

    That's why there are lower tiers so that people can still participate in the raid if their guild isn't that strong.
  • I don't have a problem with the overall difficulty... our guild is on p3 of t6... However, I'm not crazy about the bosses being mostly immune to debuffs... debuffs are a large part of the kit of a great many toons. It's kinda lame when you aoe with Vader and it does almost nothing... totally awesome ability, now largely useless. I'm sure they could have tuned the raid to be challenging without negating a massive aspect of gameplay.
  • NicWester
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    dovstep wrote: »
    This takes patience, planning, good teams, and strategy.

    This is an excellent point that needs to be repeated.

    I have a jawa team that's wildly inconsistent gear levels (Ranging 7-10), two of which have no mods at all, and some abilities aren't even Omega'd. I'm able to do 600k-800k because I read the abilities and plan my turns so I can soak an Annihilation and then get a heal from the Engineer. My Bounty Hunter team runs a G7 Mob Enforcer with one square Health-set mod and nothing else, and it pulls 400k minimum.

    I know, I know, I know--"But, Nick, that's two teams doing about a million damage and you need a hundred million damage even in T5" and you're right. But these are undergeared, poorly (if at all) modded teams using characters that most folks think are a joke and have refused to farm. Imagine these teams when they're even just gear 9 and have even fundamentally basic mods. Further imagine when we've had this raid for 2 months and people have cracked the code and found the busted teams that can pull several million. FURTHER imagine when we have those teams and Jedi Rey comes back and she's common--I hope you didn't press pause on the Veteran Smugglers and/or aren't silly misogynists like the one in the other thread who refuses to farm the characters needed for the icky girl character that ruined Star Wars with the two movies that grossed over a billion each.
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  • Rmaxtpmx
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    If it's taking you a month to do phase 1, you have a weak guild. Stop whining about a challenge, just because you're not yet able to do it. How about instead, you put some effort into it? Unbelievable. You don't deserve a trophy for participating.
  • Nerfy
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    Rmaxtpmx wrote: »
    If it's taking you a month to do phase 1, you have a weak guild. Stop whining about a challenge, just because you're not yet able to do it. How about instead, you put some effort into it? Unbelievable. You don't deserve a trophy for participating.

    How about you look at someone elses point of view for a moment. The raid was launched with limited time to prepare and a few overview videos and not much else. As players we can only rely on the dev info provided and the details once it launches. The details were horribly incorrect. The guild im in is 81+ mil with many jtr, newrly 100% cls, and even some 7* sions and we were conservative launching a t5 raid based on descriptions of levels needed figuring it shouldnt take more than twice the haat time which dies quick, if that. Instead, we found p1 to be a complete lie based on the difficulty described, and had to abandon it after less than a day to avoid losing future raid tixs past the cap. We went for t3, and its just entering p4 over 6 hours later. If this was meant to be a long raid of weeks for the higher tiers, then the prizes should be adjusted to reflect this. That’s what people are complaining about: the falsdescriptions leading to frustration on the new raid, the loss of tickets and time to find out this was incorrect, and the low end prizes based on said difficulty. For another player to bash others and insult their guild is unacceptable. I know you disagree with them, but the frustration is real and instead of throwing insults, maybe grow up and look at their view for the posters in this thread have a valid complaint. No one expected expected a cake walk but this went beyond expectations because of the issues stated.
  • Riegorn
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    I agree that their "intented for" is a bit off, but main problem with this raid is that people can't read.So many people that complains about nihilus in p1 didnt take few seconds to read his abilities. How he gets high tenacity, how does he regen his protection.

    Most of the people just went in with the usual raid squad CLS + raid han maybe wiggs with them that are terrible for p1. I dont like how is JTR team so much better than anybody else, but there is a lot of teams, that do decently. Like imperial troopers do really well, did 2M dmg in phase 1, close to 4M dmg in phase 3 today. Lot of people can do a lot of dmg with Jawas and BH with detonators, even if they are badly undergeared.

    Within a week, people will find out what the best squads are and then it is only your choice if you want to work on them or keep raging for nerf on forums.
  • AleSahnDroh_1979
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    My Guild tried T6: terrible choice.. we actually did 20% of P1... just waiting to abort the raid.
    200.000.000 heath in phase 1 PLUS PROTECTION RECOVERY.... this is madness!
    200 millions health and there are 3 other phases!?

    (Surprisingly today I did 1,6 M damage with Z Vader (L), Z Sidious, Z Thrawn, Emperor Palpatine and Darth Nihilus. However the health pool of the raid is madness, again)
  • I don't know what y'all expecting. This is a raid. For a guild. A guild can be filled with up to 50 people. Thus, every 50 members should have to participate in the raid to finish it as a guild.
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    We started high like everyone else thinking Tier 6 we could handle. Hahaha on us. Abandoned it after 2 days and went in at Tier 4. We cleared to phase 4 in two days time, should have it completed tonight.

    In hind sight, we should have started low to learn the phases and worked up. Now we know Tier 5 will be our balance point until we can A) recruit more active players 42/50 and B) learn with the rest of the forums the best teams to try.

    I do have a GS 10 Jawa team and did not even think to try them, so thank you Nic for that insight to your teams performance. Mob Enforcer sounds like a must with the bounty hunter team. Glad I diversified my roster over the last year, so there’s lots to choose from. Master Yoda in a raid, hmmm. Sounds like his new kit will be useful, glad he’s GS 9 and maxed abilities.

    @CG_Kozispoon thank you for a FUN raid. Phase 2 was really good. Phase 3 is similarly fun and engaging. Thank Zod we have raid that requires pushing buttons to remove pain and suffering which enhances our damage and makes players strategize and think instead of just Auto walk away. The background renderings are awesome. The temple on Malachor brought back The Old Republic Sith Raid memories, especially the throne room. I say job well done and Pooh Pooh to the nay sayers.
  • Nikoms565
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    The raid is fine. The rewards on the other hand....challenge gear? Really? For end-game content? Dude....
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    While I agree the "Intended For" guidelines are completely off and definitely wrong, I think most of the rest of the complaining about this Raid so far is unjustified. Especially as it's only been out a few hours.

    You can't get to grips with a new challenge moments after you first try it so you immediately resort to insulting it? How about trying to find a solution to the problem instead of blaming it?

    I think You have no idea what You are talking about. This raid is broken. And to say that it is not insulting anything or anyone. I used a maxed g12 team on Tier 2 which is recomended for lvl much less than 85,less gear than maxed gear lvl and I made 2% on phase 1. Only. And funny thing that most of the dmg done was couse of deathmark. I also played Tier 5 with this team. 400k dmg. Only. maxed team which is not worthy to use in this raid in the Tier 2, Tier that suposse to be for lvl 40? common. After a month Devs will tune this raid and many guilds will restart the raid.

    I did acknowledge, and will freely and happily acknowledge again, that the "Intended For" guidelines are off. They grossly under-estimate what you need. I accept that.

    But that doesn't mean the whole thing is broken.

    You've only done a little damage to it? OK, so what? Why does that mean it's broken?
    Have you considered that maybe you were just using the same teams and doing the same thing as you, and everyone else, always do but that this Raid has been specifically designed to be strong against the usual?
    Try using something unusual or different.

    You know, Please dont try to teach me how to use the mind and how to think outside the box, Broken means that if You would use teams that are recomended for Tier 2 ( gear lvl mods) You would play with your guild minimum 2 months or maybe more to finish the raid on Tier 2 and everyone could receive rewards after 2-3 months. But this game is completely different in pace and time/ reward structure. Game is much faster than this raid. Haat was quite similar. First Version of Haat was changed a lot. Couse it wasnt fun to play it. Gaming should be entertainment, not duty, or work.
    But it doesnt matter. This is not my product, not my game, and ot is not important in life. Good luck:)

    I wasn't trying to "teach [you] how to use the mind and how to think outside the box". I was in fact suggesting that just because what you always do seems not to work, maybe you should just do something else instead of instantly declaring it to be broken.

    If you're playing Rock, Paper, Scissors and you keep playing Rock do you immediately declare Paper is broken because playing Rock is the most fun and it's not entertaining to play Scissors?

    I love conversations, but when You dont read what i wrote with understanding, but trying to to force your way of thinking, i am getting bored very fast. You didnt even get it that broken is not couse of the team setup, but timing. So wish You to keep focused and good luck

    You accuse me of missing your point but I think you are missing mine.

    If you try different squads and different tactics, maybe you would do more damage. Then if everyone in your Guild does that, it won't take months to defeat after all. Suddenly the time taken (which is what you seem to be most concerned about) will drop and your concern will lessen.

    If you stick to the tactics you have tried so far, it will take ages. I understand that.
    But you don't seem to want to consider that maybe that means you should try a different tactic.

    Raid is 100% broken. T4 recommends g8. right? I ran 2 teams all g10, full zeta and barely did 4% damage....

    As I have acknowledged twice before in this thread, yes the "Intended For" guidelines are definitely off and are not a reliable guide. :smile:

    This does not equate to "broken".[/quote

    So that means for the Heroic that G12 and over 7 stars, and with many Zetas will not be able to beat the Heroic?
  • The raid is just frustrating and another time suck. Mechanics are messed up. Scores don't match damage totals. Abilities are messed up and used inproperly (annilate not used after cooldown). Find a good team and it gets nerfed. Can't land debuffs. Descriptions on required toons and gear levels don't match. NOT FUN TO PLAY AT ALL!!! This is my entertainment. I wanna come home relax and have fun playing new exciting content. Was super excited for this raid. Now it's a bummer. MAKE IT FUN TO PLAY PLEASE
  • Nikoms565 wrote: »
    The raid is fine. The rewards on the other hand....challenge gear? Really? For end-game content? Dude....

    I'm all for the challenge. Minus the P1 mechanics (which to me are the equivalent of banging your head repeatedly against a brick wall and wondering why you keep having a concussion) I think it has potential. It's a goal to shoot for and never expected to beat the Heroic right out the gate (tried T6 on opening day and boy that was a no-go for us!!!). But the rewards...Why can't they make it like TB/TW rewards. If there is one thing that CG got right they got THAT right. Why shouldn't a raid of this magnitude have similar if not better rewards. Challenge gear rewards though??? No. No times infinity plus one.
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