Content Update [HF] 3/2/2018

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Hey Holotable Heroes!

Below is the list of issues being addressed in today’s Content Update [HF] 3/2/2018.

Visas Marr assist
  • Visas Marr was assisting more than once per turn. She should not assist more than once per turn.
  • Assist rate has been corrected to match the ability description.

Sith Triumvirate Raid Heroic Tier Description
  • The Heroic Tier currently indicated that players can make only five daily attempts. Player attempts have been updated to display unlimited daily attempts.
  • The Heroic Tier indicated Requirement: 7-Star or Higher. We are clarifying, Requirement: 7-Star.

Sith Triumvirate Raid Phase 3
  • Darth Traya was incorrectly not gaining immunity to Turn Meter reduction in certain situations.
  • Fixed: Darth Traya will correctly make her immune to Turn Meter reduction effects in these situations.

Sith Triumvirate Raid Phase 4
  • Darth Sion did not die upon reaching a set amount of Health when multiple players register damage in quick succession sometimes.
  • Fixed: Darth Sion will now correctly die upon reaching the set Health target. Darth Nihilus was exhibiting the same behavior and has also been fixed.

Darth Traya (Raid Boss) Isolate
  • Fixed: Darth Traya (Raid Boss)'s Isolate now blocks enemy ally dispels, cooldown recovery, or health balance effects as intended.

Phase 1 Opening Cinematic
  • Per the release notes yesterday, some players may not have been able to view the Sith Triumvirate Phase 1 Opening Cinematic the first time they entered the raid.
  • We corrected this behavior so that players that have not played the raid yet, will correctly see the opening cinematic the first time they play the raid.

On behalf of everyone at Capital Games, we hope you have a GREAT weekend and continue to enjoy the Quality of Life and Sith content!

Fight on Heroes!

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