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edited March 2018"kitten."challenge gear in it.

I figured this is a bug because there is no way that we have been ignored for 2 years on the same issue. And "they" just decided to go ahead and do it anyways.
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  • Which pieces are you referring to? Cause if you are talking about carbantis then it is you who hasn't been listening
  • Liath
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    B0untryHR7 wrote: »
    Which pieces are you referring to? Cause if you are talking about carbantis then it is you who hasn't been listening

    There are no carbantis in the box, at least in t6. He's referring to the gold salvage.
  • That is a glaring issue. Hardest challenge we have to date in game and is something that even low level players have more than enough of.
  • Interestingly though, we now get guild event tokens in addition to regular guild currency
  • That is exactly what I view that gear as. Better luck next time with a sneering face.
  • So instead of reaping this garbage gear as raid rewards for posting a zero, I am going to have to work for the same garbage gear rewards
  • Challenge gear...ridiculous!
  • I'm sure there's a good reason for including that gear. We just have to be patient.
  • JKRevan
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    Pfft, almost makes the effort to beat that thing not worth it.
  • Just commenting so this gets more eyes on it. This is the biggest problem. Make the pool of reward gear smaller, make it the stuff you know we need. This raid is extremely difficult, we should be rewarded as such, and no I don’t mean with the measley amounts of GET and Guild currency.

    I mean, ~150 mil health for 1 phase is a problem but yeah this should've been a no brainer
  • It’s not like we are expecting fully crafted every raid reward but at least something we are in constant need of
  • Noooooooo it got moved!!!
  • Zevox
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    Agreed. If the new raid is meant to be this insanely hard, then so be it, but there should at least be commensurately worthy rewards waiting at the end. Not the chance of getting something totally worthless like the gold challenge gear.
  • I strongly agree, please CG remove the useless challenge gear.
  • Yes- I won't complain about the raid difficulty- I won't complain about the fact the recommended Gear and character requirements are way off for this raid- but I will absolutely complain about getting that lousy challenge gold gear we have thousands of. Get rid of it- PLEASE
  • Truth be told, i cant believe i was the first person to post this... seems like raid gear rewards is the 1st thing everyone should check.
  • I'm going to add to the challenge gear frustration. I understand from a business standpoint that it is necessary to control supply and demand but I dont even care to participate in raids anymore because the rewards arent worth it. I get almost the same gear at the bottom of the reward chart as I do at the top. I'm not asking for high level gear to become commonplace but at least make the rewards worth the effort.
  • AnnerDoon
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    I'm just curious... The challenge gear that everybody has multiple thousands of is obviously CG's way of providing a visual "reward" in place of nothing. So, would people rather get something (even though it has no value), or actually get no gear at all? What would be less frustrating?

    Personally, I think it would be more irritating to make the effort to participate in a raid and get zero gear as a reward, even though the challenge gear that I often get has the same zero value. Could be that I'm the only one that would have that reaction...

    (I do think that we should get usable gear as raid rewards. Getting nothing, or a placeholder for nothing, really stinks. But, that's obviously not what CG thinks.)
  • MrGrips
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    Id rather just get less overall salvage/pieces if it means no challenge gear.
  • DRV
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    Thumbs down to challenge gear.
  • kalidor
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    Just chiming in here to agree. Please remove:
    • mk9 fabritech salvage
    • mk8 biotech salvage
    • mk8 neurosaav salvage
    The components can stay.
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