Sith Raid progress?

Anyone having any real success in Sith raid? Any good teams or advice people are seeing good results with?

I've been able to score around 2 to 2.5 million (although that's only about 2%) with JTRey, bb8, r2, thrawn and cls. Every other team I've tried is 250k or less.

I am currently working on finding a good healer to pair in with my team and find a better way to use the blue shields. I am realizing this DN does not live by normal DN rules and seems to be able to annihilate nearly back to back.


  • Liath
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    In my limited experience so far, full Res is better under Rey for p1. Scav Rey and Trooper do well.
  • 1.8 M damage with ZPalp,Thrawn,Death Trooper,Tarkin and Vader. Inflict Deathmark ASAP,try to use always Palp to shield since with his second special he gets all his life back plus gives Health Steal to everyone that makes a massive difference. Remember to avoid attacking Nihilus with basics as you’ll only feed him protection (if you have DEF down debuff).
  • kalidor
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    Thermal dets under Fett-led bounty hunters worked well when they were popped by Zam, around 350k on first attempt. You have to time it such that Zam applies the dets after Nih's turn and before he is damaged though. G11 Troopers did around the same amount (but Shoretrooper with his heal is mandatory, as is Deathtrooper with Deathmark).
    Nih-lead sith were my best though, at around 500k. This was also before realizing the whole "basic attack = defense down, protection loss" thing Nihilus has going on.
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