Is Evasion simply bad ?

Hey guys,

maxed Dooku to 7*, I tried to use him as a leader to see if my toons would evade a lot of hits. Well, 3 fights, only 2 evades overall.

So I'm wondering, is Evasion simply not competitive ?


  • Dooku's Leader Abilities at Lvl 7 is Bugged.

    The proc rate is not accurate.
  • apparently it's just dooku for now, there's something wrong with his leader ability which they're working on fixing (no idea when)
  • Oh, ok ! That's reassuring me, I will simply wait for it to be debugged (assuming they will say when it's done...)
  • Baldo
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    What's wrong with it does his ability work better or worse?
  • Evasion itself is works well enough, I use lumi as my lead every day in GW and sometimes in arena and it works fine. But her evasion is halved for non Jedi so I also want to try with dooku once they fix him.
  • Worse. Stick Lumi in leader and watch the dodges flllyyyy
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  • Hmmm... I have Old Ben and he doesn't seem to do much better (even though it says 12.5% evasion). Same with Luminara as leader.
    I haven't counted precisely, though, so this is just based on perception.

    But I've seen real evasion at work, usually between Sidious and Luminara (and mine evades just as much as the AI's).
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