A New Challenge, and quite fun at that.

This new raid is hard. It's really hard. But I like it that way. Sure it's gonna be quite some time before anyone can solo the raid or do enough damage to beat the heroic tier, but is that really a bad thing? That means we've got longer to wait before we start seeing Darth Traya overthrow arena, which will surely end our diverse meta. Not to mention that the challenge makes sure the new raid isn't much of a chore. It's actually fun to try to go into a tier five raid and barely scratch it, finding new strategies to build up more damage each time you attack. It's fun to not worry about how soon the most powerful players in your guild will be completing the raid. It's fun to see everyone communicating trying to arrange their teams the best they can to do the most damage. Sure, JTR can do insane amounts of damage, but who cares? Guilds with multiple JTR teams can finish phase one faster, good for them, they get to see phase two before the rest of us. Remember being in a weaker guild and trying to do the Normal AAT? Remember that challenge? And then 3 months later your whole guild has squads built to solo the Heroic AAT, remember that? I don't understand why everyone is so frustrated at the difficulty of the raid. It's fun, it's new, and it's going to be so rewarding when we finally complete it. That feeling of pride and accomplishment everyone seems to make fun of and joke about will actually be there. I'm happy with it. And remember, it's not always going to be this challenging as we get more and more powerful characters. What does everyone else think of the new raid? Please keep it civil in this thread.


  • Mr_Sausage
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    I like it the raid.

    Challenge gear as rewards is absolute garbage though.
  • Mr_Sausage wrote: »
    I like it the raid.

    Challenge gear as rewards is absolute garbage though.

    I have to agree with you there. Having challenge rewards in a raid is a bit demeaning and takes a bit of suspense out of waiting for the rewards to payout. "Ugh I'm probably just gonna get challenge gear again" I don't mind getting carbantis and gear like that that's a pain to get from challenges, but things like the gold salvage that we all have thousands of is quite disappointing. Other than that I'm quite happy with the raid. Maybe the rewards will get tweaked eventually
  • jjkriv
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    Well for one,mediocre and casual guilds wont even touch heroic,theres a massive zeta wall to climb,they just arent abundant and every toon needs one.It takes about a month/month and a half to get 20 unless you have super RNG or a whale.This event,even at tier 5 will take weeks to complete and I can see it just sit there with no1 doing anything.
  • Reminds me of when a long time ago in a small guild it took us a few days to do something like a tier 4 pit raid. Now it's solo'd in 10 minutes. Something to figure out and come up with methods to beat. Have no issues with it right now but we got smoked in a level 6 and need to drop down.
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