Hows the raid difficulty everybody



  • I dislike it
    I'm not a big fan of how skewed the actual difficulty is relative to what each tier says.for example my g11 lvl 85, 7* arena team has enough trouble putting 1.5 milion in phase 1, tier 4 even though that tier is for 4*, g8 lvl 70 toons.

    I grant I'm still getting timing down for using the phase special ability buy it's maddening to see way over geared toons do .05% damage on each attack. Like if I barely move the health meter with those toons what hope do teams that just hit the minium requirements have?
  • JaggedJ
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    swgohfan29 wrote: »

    I think a like guy/gal wants to change to dislike.

    So: Almost 50% of people have a positive review of the ST Raid. another 20% have average view of this raid. 30% of people had a negative review of this raid.

    3% of people are in love with this raid, whereas 8% of people want to do smth unmentionable to it.

    Conclusion: This raid has a generally positive rating.

    I wouldn't call split down the middle a generally positive rating.

    And the longer the lower tiers remain how they are the more the like will turn to dislike as that new raid smell wears off and all we're left with are tedious week long battles with rewards barely worth the effort.
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