p3 strat -- stand alone

when are you guys using stand alone?

my NS squad (z MT lead) did about 2 mill in p3, jtr did better. Im having trouble deciding when to use this and on who.

for my NS squad, currently was letting zombie do this first bc of the auto rez, but as the turns progressed and health dropped, my other toons became easy targets for a 1-shot and had to do this during a topple which robbed me of dps

for jtr, nobody seemed like a good choice to do this but jtr.


  • leef
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    For JTR
    When the stack gets too high (i'm not sure when that is exactly). 20 seemed like a good choice, but maybe that's too late already.
    As far as on who, i think you can use it to get your least important toon isolated.
    I'm still trying to figure it all out though, so don't take my word for it but just test it out ;)
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  • I use it as soon as she comes out of topple if she has over 20 stacks. Hopefully it's a strong aoe attacker who can knock out sabers real quick. As soon as she topples again, suppresion ends.
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