well, it appears TI failed the Heroic...

TI cleared T6 of the sith raid in HOURs (based on info from whale servers/inter guild discord chat). Yet they just failed Heroic.

Heroic must be insane...


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    TI did not fail. Check the leaderboard again.
  • They beat it.
  • There are more than one TI guilds.
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  • Yeah, the other guild that beat it have used cheats. I'm not allowed to say that for some reason on the forums so this commented will soon be deleted (sorry, nothing I can do).
    (And, no, im not going to report them to lucifers daddy because if he can't see they've cheated without being told by 500 people then there's no hope anymore.)
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    Gawejn wrote: »
    No 2 guilds have beat it....NeoDarkForcePeru was first and now one of the TI guilds....as far as i can tell every guild that beats it will likely have 50 JTRs cause without them you dont stand a chance.....all top dmgs in like all phases required a JTR lead

    I think You dont need JTRs to finish the raid. 50 Empire teams can do around 200 milion dmg. R1 (Jyn Erso lead, Cassian) can do around 100 milion dmg. Jawas can do around 50- 75 milion dmg. BH squad cand do around 50 milion dmg. Old Rebels ( Wiggs Leia plus CLS) 50 milions of dmg. it is based on p1 so far. And there are more teams to play. Even Mob Enforcer can be used to play this raid. Tier six is almost 600 milion of health, if I count right 75% of the raid can be done without Jedi Rey. So Jedi Rey teams are not necesary condition to finish the raid. That is very good about this raid.

    You are going by their tier 6 prowess. Heroic is another ball game.

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