BB 8 Achievement award not received

Anyone else who never received the BB8 pieces and plans achievement award of 3 zetas. I completed it and got my 7* BB8 but the achievement award is still there and won't clear and give me the 3 zetas. Anyone else with this problem?


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    Isn't that achievement for Tier three of the Mythic event, where you use a Resistance team against a tough First Order squad?

    I think it's just crystals or something for getting a 7* BB8 (Pieces and plans achievement).
    The zetas are for the Mythic battle, achievement name is "BB Bait".
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    Just getting a 7* BB8 won’t cover the requirements for that achievement. Tier 3 mythic is hard though so good luck next time.
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    I have never gotten any BB8 event since the day he was released . I beat the events he was involved in and never got them again. I slightly remember fighting my resistance squad against FO squad but it was so long ago. Shouldn't I still have gotten the mythic event again if I didn't beat it? So that's why I think I cleared it already.
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