Sith raid rewards are kinda sub par



  • @Waqui it will go faster and faster because you'll need less and less gear, becuase you found it elsewhere, or very slowly got it from the raid, so I don't get your point. By the time it is at HAAT speed,gear level 14 will be out and the rewards will be meaningless. Even if we stay at gear 12, by the time you can breeze through Sith raid all your good toons will be gear 12 so the rewards will be (practically) meaningless
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    Thanks to sith raid rewards i could increase my MK 8 Neuro-Saav Electrobinoculars Salvage stock from 5118 to 5132.

    But that is an area that probably is not part of CGs ongoing commitment for refining the raid.
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    Sorry they are too busy nerfing a character no one needs to spend hundreds to use in the raid. ;)
  • Rewards are below par for the amount of time due to the huge health pool. They obviously want it to take a while, but the rewards for a t4 that takes 3 resets (up to 15 battles each) in my guild...really ****. We tried t6...would've taken weeks again. Trying a t5, but I'm not looking forward to the time **** for meh rewards. Most people are going to play if possible, but people are going to get burned out when no real payout.
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    So I actually like the raid mechanics for this new raid and I don't mind the difficulty, however the insane amount of time it will take my guild to complete T5 makes it really tiresome. This is only amplified by the fact that when we finally do finish it I will get less rewards for this raid than I get for HAAT.

    As you practice, you will complete the raid faster and faster making it less tiresome. If you expected a fast first play through the new raid and better rewards in tier 5 than i hAAT, your expectations were unrealistic.

    I disagree. The massive health pool means that it will take substantial time even once guilds figure out the strats. And why shouldn’t T5 rewards be better than HAAT? It is harder. It takes more time. T5 doesn’t give Kenobi shards.

    Well, OP can look forward to tier 6 then. Possible rewards include g12 pieces (not fully crafted, though) along wil fully crafted golden g10/11 pieces. That's progression compared to hAAT. If his guild manages tier 5 already, it won't be long before they can manage tier 6.

    Possible being the key word there. Odds of that happening? It's probably doodoo, like with everything else this game has hidden behind randomness. Mostly mediocre, occasional worthless, and very rarely good.
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    Sorry they are too busy nerfing a character no one needs to spend hundreds to use in the raid. ;)

    And who is the daily reward this month for what reason... :trollface:
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