Curiosity Questions about the Sith raid

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With each new Raid, our goals are to bring a new level of challenge to the game and to provide innovative gameplay which encourages strategic thinking and “outside the meta” play. We recognize that when a Raid is new, success in the Raid helps define high level competition in the game. Later, when the Raid becomes widely understood, we begin the process of designing a new Raid so players can be challenged again in this unique aspect of the game.

Ok. So you tune the bosses to gain insane amounts of tenacity for every little hit they take, which essentially makes it impossible to add any debuff to them.

You also give them double turn abilities with insane damage to wipe out nearly every squad before getting even close to enrage.

On top of that giving your team buffs will also make the bosses stronger, at least in some cases.

So to summarize:
Buffbased teams get punished for using their buffs
Debuffbased teams aren't viable at all, because they can't use their mechanics.

What's left? Exploit unintended strategies to do damage at all or attempt to use %based Dmg with as little interaction with the boss as possible.
And now you kill one of that options and nerf the other one.

So unless your whole guild is uberkrakens with 130+ G12 chars to burn on the raid, heroic is far away from ever managable and normal is just another darn timesink in this game. Got rank 9 rewards for T6 today. Could have spend 10 min on TB + Sim a Challenge to get the same. Took us nearly 3 days to beat T6. Totally worth it!

Do you know what strategy is left? Nothing. Just throw in teams, do as much damage as you can before you get killed and pray that it's enough over the whole guild to finish the raid.

Oh, also don't throw in any toons that do less damage than protection is recovered, because they register nearly zero. Thanks.

So: Give us a small hint, what awesome strategies you had in mind? Does it involve zetaing the credit card?

TL;DR - Great raid, awesome challenge and lots of fun /s


  • Kyno
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    TM gain, (not STH) and unavoidable TMR.... kinda.
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    Yeah. Unavoidable effects that ignore tenacity.
    This leaves you what? 10 toons to play with more or less?
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